Designers Choice Speakers
Designers Choice Speakers
Designers Choice Speakers
Designers Choice Speakers


Designers Choice Speakers

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Beosound 1
Portable smart speaker uniquely treated with sandblasted effect for soft minimalistic feel that invites the touch.

Beosound 2
Powerful speaker system with anodized aluminium and strong contrasts to allow the brush lines to be visible.

Beosound Edge
Compact and powerful wireless speaker with thin, crafted edge for elegance and wool mixed with viscose fabric for strength and durability.

A collaboration with Norm Architects Studio
Bang & Olufsen’s Contrast collection was created in collaboration with Danish design studio Norm Architects. Known for their portfolio of work across a range of interiors, products and more, Norm Architects regularly apply neutral colour palettes and use materials that have rich surface textures.
Contrast. The Collection
Contrast is about the pleasure of difference. Focusing attention on subtle and satisfying textures and surfaces, Contrast is minimalistic and expressive, confident and authentic – a narrative of rich yet delicate differences.